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Find your All-Inclusive Rental Car in Russia

Rent a car in Russia

Why choose VIPSrental?

  • All-around carefree protection
  • Fair fuel tank rules
  • Customer-friendly terms of payment
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Powered by Sunny Cars

Rent a car in Russia

Russia: renting a car at your Russia destination is super easy. You check the availability of rental cars at your Russia destination online via the search engine and reserve the rental car of your choice. Enter your destination in the search engine and immediately see the rental options.

Russia car hire

You are optimally insured on the road because with us you rent all-inclusive. No hidden costs, no hassle on the spot, and carefree driving around and 24/7 personal support. You rent your rental car in advance and save on the rental price.

Russia car rental

Celebrating a holiday at your Russia destination … it sounds great and it is great. You fly to your destination and there your rental car will be ready for you.

Reserve your rental car now. You have a wide choice of different models of rental cars; small and compact, cross-over, or just a station car for the whole family? With the service package you rent your rental car completely customized so that it meets all your needs; for example with a second driver. Enter your details and view the options.

You can rent a car for the entire holiday or for a few days. At the airport in Russia or near your hotel elsewhere. See more of the area and visit local markets, nice villages and trendy beaches with your rental car! the number one car rental for your Russia destination

Luxury sedan

Starting $24/day

Vehicle Type: Sedan

4 Doors, 5 Seats

Transmission: Automatic

Sports Utility Vehicle

Starting $29/day

Vehicle Type: SUV

4 Doors, 7 Seats

Transmission: Automatic

All Terrain

Starting $34/day

Vehicle Type: Van

4 Doors, 8 Seats

Transmission: Automatic

All-Inclusive Rental Cars

Your trip is booked and all that’s missing to make your dream trip perfect is a rental car. No problem! Thanks to our all-inclusive package, you can relax and enjoy your holiday. There are no hidden costs with us and you don’t need to take out additional insurance at your destination. Simply pick up your car, get in and drive off!

No extra insurance needed

No additional insurances need to be contracted onsite.

No credit card needed

Can’t rent a vehicle without a credit card? With us you can!

More than 8000 rental stations

Rental cars in over 120 countries, at more than 8000 rental stations.

No extra insurance

No additional insurances need to be contracted onsite.



Our prices really include everything.

Free changes

Changes to your reservation are free of charge at any time before the scheduled pick-up.

5% Off

Every year in June!

Premium all-around carefree protection

Fully comprehensive insurance with refund of the excess.

Refund in the event of damage to the glass, roof, tyres and underbody, including sump and clutch.

Refund of towing costs

Refund of costs for loss of/damage to vehicle keys and documents.

Vehicle theft protection with refund of the excess.

And much more...!

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